Harry Hampton is synonymous with elegance, fashion and sophistication. He is a modern man who does not forget his roots as he evokes the best trends of the past making them a landmark in the present. Harry does not miss any details, falls in love with simplicity and makes it something extraordinary. Always ready to excel on any occasion. The smell of leather, a good silk tie and those cufflinks that shine the most.

We are the Hampton House, born out of our love of fashion, style and luxury. Founded by a professional Image Consultant who has been in the luxury sector for more than five years advising politicians, businessmen and wealthy families to find their style; and an interesting intelligent man who lives by the numbers and sport. Together for over 6 years, they have built a relationship spanning two hemispheres, and Harry Hampton is the perfect excuse to shorten distances and strengthen their love of fashion and style. It is, in fact, the best way to work on what they love most, shoulder to shoulder despite the distance.